About ChronoPlus

A Wonderful Story

Paladino Meschi and Gabriele Mirra met on the road. Both residents of Lucca’s historic center, they became friends riding. On occasion of an event honoring Gino Bartali, organized by the professional Israeli team, they decided to found ChronoPlus, a company that creates exclusive bike tours for those looking for a unique cycling experience in Italy.

Paladino vaunts twenty years of experience in the industry and his shop Chrono Bikes also sells and rents Pinarello racing bikes. It is the most popular spot for biking enthusiasts in Lucca, a place where people come from all over the world to ride and begin their sporting adventures.
Gabriele comes from the digital industry and before dedicating himself to this exciting business, he was an executive and CEO in some of the most important Internet companies on the Italian business scene.

What Paladino and Gabriele mainly have in common is a profound esteem and love for bicycles and the Lucca area, a true cycling paradise.

A Winning Mission

ChronoPlus was founded to give cycling lovers from all over the world a unique experience in Italy, one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

The headquarters are located in Lucca, one of the most well-known destinations for professional cyclists who come here to train, thanks to the variety of itineraries the area offers. The entire team lives and works in Italy and because of this, you can say that no one knows these country like they do. A ChronoPlus tour is special and one of a kind and neither the Internet, nor any guidebook can offer the same. In fact, ChronoPlus pairs a deep knowledge of “il Bel Paese” with a passion for cycling and the Italian lifestyle to guarantee clients/friends an unparalleled experience.

Paladino co-founder - ChronòPlus

Paladino Meschi

Co-Founder & Chief Cycling Officer
Paladino is the greatest cycling expert in Lucca. No one knows the Tuscan trails better than he does.
Gabriele co-fouder - ChronòPlus

Gabriele Mirra

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Gabriele is the most enthusiastic manager in cycling today. He is a business expert and lover of Tuscany.

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